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Coal Creek Gas Prospect, Oklahoma

Coal Creek Gas Prospect, Oklahoma

Coal Creek Project Location Map The Coal Creek Prospect is a developmental prospect targeting the Hunton Sand, the Brent Sand and a shallow Atoka gas reservoir in the Arkoma Basin of eastern Oklahoma. Approximately 700 acres are under lease near the town of Muldrow, Oklahoma.

The Gipson #1, a 3,000’ test in Mesa’s Coal Creek Project in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, has been successfully drilled, completed and connected to the pipeline. Three productive zones were identified in the well including an Atoka shallow gas zone at 550’, the Brent Sand at 1,290’ and the Hunton at 2,975’. Although initial tests in the Hunton were very encouraging, it was ultimately determined that the well was completed too deep within the Hunton Zone and that the volume of water that would have to be processed would be too great to make the well economic in that zone. There are clearly significant reserves in the Hunton on the Coal Creek Prospect. The drilling plan will be modified for future wells based on the experience gained with the Gipson #1. A 3-D seismic shoot over the acreage is under consideration.

The well has been plugged back and completed in the Brent Sand and has been connected to the pipeline system. We are evaluating a plan that would allow the Atoka to be produced through the annulus and blended with the Brent Sand. If this plan is successful, we would expect the Atoka zone to add to the production rate of the well.

The Cook #1, located on the adjacent lease, has also been hooked up to the pipeline system.

Mesa owns 25% of the Gipson #1 and any future wells to be drilled on the acreage, 35% of the Cook #1 and a 5% carried interest in the Sally B #1, a re-entry proposed by Wentworth Operating south of the Coal Creek acreage.

Although our general philosophy is to operate all of our properties, we have a long-standing relationship with Wentworth Operating Company and are comfortable with them as the operator of this property. They have a similar property that is only a few miles away and, as a result of this arrangement, both projects will be able to share a pipeline tap and processing facilities resulting in a significant cost savings. Other operational efficiencies will also result from the arrangement.

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