Mesa Energy

Planned Acquisitions

Acquisition and Testing of Low-Risk Drilling Prospects with Significant Expansion Potential:

In keeping with our philosophy of balance and diversification, we are constantly evaluating oil and gas drilling prospects with existing production as well as significant expansion potential. The types of properties of interest are shallow drilling prospects in shale (both oil and gas), tight gas or coal bed methane reservoirs with significant acreage positions and the potential to drill hundreds of wells and book extensive reserves. These types of reservoirs are relatively low-risk because they have hydrocarbons in place, and the potential for dry holes is very small.

The acquisition of the Java Field was the initial step in the implementation of this strategy. This property, described elsewhere on this website, has existing production with enhancement potential as well as large-scale development potential in the Marcellus Shale.

In keeping with this philosophy, we intend to acquire and develop additional properties of this type, encompassing both oil and natural gas drilling and production. As an early stage public company seeking to rapidly accumulate reserves and build significant shareholder equity, we believe that this kind of large-scale, low-risk, developmental drilling should result in stable, long term growth in revenue, reserve base and shareholder value.

Producing Properties:

In keeping with Mesa’s long-term Business Plan, the Company is constantly evaluating producing oil and gas properties generating significant monthly net revenue with re-completion and offset developmental drilling potential. Acquisitions of this type could add proved developed reserves to Mesa’s asset base and provide a strong foundation for future growth.

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