Mesa Energy

Corporate Overview

Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc., based in Dallas, Texas, is a growth-oriented, publicly traded Exploration and Production (E & P) company with a definitive focus on growing reserves and net asset value per share, primarily through the development of highly diversified developmental drilling opportunities as well as the acquisition and enhancement of high quality producing properties.

At the core of Mesa’s management structure are experienced industry professionals whose track record of success has earned the respect of their professional peers.  With extensive upper-management experience, Mesa’s officers and directors have a deep appreciation of each business activity in which the company is engaged.  From drilling, pipeline development and petroleum land work to accounting and administration, Mesa’s upper management and technical consulting team possess some of the sharpest skills in the business, and they are all working hard to take the company to the next level.

Mesa strives to drill multi-well, repeatable projects in low-risk basins with high potential for the creation of significant recoverable reserves.  Such areas provide a dynamic for the creation of substantial shareholder value.  We utilize all appropriate technologies to identify optimal well locations in order to maintain high drilling success rates.

The acquisition of existing production is an important part of our business model.  We believe that the consistent, dependable revenue stream generated by these production acquisitions provide basic overhead coverage as well as a solid foundation for future growth.  When seeking to acquire existing production, we look for opportunities within our core areas where we believe we can add value and where the economics are attractive.  We seek to avoid competitive bid situations and focus on negotiating one-on-one.  Our extensive network of industry relationships contributes to a continuous flow of high quality prospects and production packages.

The company’s business philosophy is to maintain reasonable levels of administrative overhead and to achieve long term success through balance and diversification.

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